“Will there be a place for those other, slower thoughts, ideas that take time and quiet to flower, truths that cannot be crowdsourced?” Anand Giridharadas

I have found that one of the most sacred settings for these kinds of musing is poetry. The land of thought that lies beyond the clamor is something that I’ve encountered in all levels of my education. The first introduction began with my mother reading out loud to me, and my deep love with the written word was inescapable. Somewhere between the years of novels I’m sure I read a poem or three that sounded nice, yet it wasn’t until my defining senior year of high school, when my heart was opened wide by the British Romantics, that I began to know poetry. But even later still, I did not truly understand the humanity of poetry until a year of studying under Jeff Hardin. He not only opened my eyes to the wealth of modern and contemporary poets, but also gave me complete permission to be a poet myself.

“Invite the reader to want to do something beyond merely receiving beauty, and to configure his or her own mind what that might be.” Mary Oliver

My greatest hope is that poetry will continue to mystify, disturb, and rouse me–never losing its charm and depth–as I age and become worthy of the life I’ve been blessed with.

Ahnna R.–senior History major, friend of words, coffee consumer, and living human being. Personal writings (poems, creative nonfiction, diary entries, etc.) have been collected on another WordPress site, SketchbookThought. All photographs are taken by the author via DSLR, film Canon Rebel, and iPhone. 

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